Wednesday, August 26, 2009

نظرخواهی در مورد بهترین روش اعتراض به احمدی نژاد و دولت کودتا در نیویورک

آیا با حضور ایرانیان در نیویورک همزمان با اجلاس مجمع عمومی سازمان ملل متحد و در اعتراض به آمدن احتمالی احمدی نژاد موافقید یا نه ؟ اگر پاسخ مثبت است ، بعنوان بهترین و کارآمدترین روش اعتراض چه پیشنهادی دارید ؟ آیا این اعتراض میبایستی محدود به نیویورک باشد یا همزمان باید در تمام شهرهای جهان برگزار شود ... اگر چنین است ، بهترین شعار بنظر شما چه باید باشد ؟


  1. hozore iraniha dar nioyork khili jalebe ama be nazare man age gharar bashe tajamoati bashe vali tosh dodastegiyo dava bashe badtar baese aberoriziye. avalin kari ke bayad kard ine ke ye fekri be hale in parcham kard ke dare bad jori baese dava va moteasefane hata zado khord mishe gahan dide shode ke amricayiha omadan va iraniha ro az ham joda kardan:( bayad ye ghanoni baraye in ghaziye gozashte beshe!

  2. Yes, I think it is a great gesture and a loud protest to have a big show of people in NY. As for other cities of course the more cities participate the better the coverage and isn't that what we want? To keep the voice from inside Iran echoed out side!
    As for Flag, I love our Flag od Green/White and Red & Lion and Sun but this is not about Flag! This is just supporting our people in Iran and at this time, it is the Green movement and Green Flag! For the last 30 years all different groups had time to invite people under their flag of choice, we've seen the result!!! It's time to be just following the lead of people inside of the country and don't open another chapter about Flag. That said, if some idiot wants to mix things up, lets not get worked up about it and respect their values, even if they don't! Isn't that what democracy is about? Let different groups of people attend in the same event, that is what our country is made of, different people and oppinions.
    Zendeh baad Iran, Zendeh baad azadi and Democracy in Iran

  3. First of all I think he should be baned from comming to UN. But if he did so, let's protest his arrival. All over the world Iranians should gather and show their solidarity. President of hidden and secret prisons, President of rape and torture with bottles and baton has no place in democratic countries.